Sprengers has been helping Charlotte home owners with home repairs such as carpentry, painting, and drywall needs for over 35 years. We also provide other services such as insulation, window cleaning, pressure washing, deck building/restaining and flooring.

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Some of our SERVICES:


We provide interior as well as exterior painting…so you don’t have to!


From simple baseboard trim to custom cabinets. We can make you proud and at a reasonable cost.


We can patch a small hole or hang sheets of drywall…and we will leave it smooth and ready for painting!


Need some new wallpaper? We can strip your old wallpaper and put your new wallpaper up!


We can take down a popcorn ceiling and make it smooth, or redo your popcorn ceiling….your choice!


Trusted by local restoration companies for years, we repair fire damage or water damage.

Accidents happen all the time….walls get banged, people step through the attic flooring, pipes burst, and disasters occur. Sit back and let our professionals take care of it for you. From a minor to tragic situation, we can restore and beautify your home so your family will cherish it for generations to come.
For most people, your home is your biggest investment, as well as the place a family spends the most time…whether it’s relaxing, laughing, eating dinner, or entertaining. As with any investment, proper upkeep and maintenance are vital to the value and appearance of your home. Even the little things can make a difference. For instance, just repairing an ugly crack or water stain can restore the beauty to your room.  Updating a room with fresh paint will make a big difference in how your home looks and feels, as well as increase the value of your home.
Because we value your time and money, we work hard to accomplish tasks in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. Our competitive rates, paired with unparalleled professionalism, set us apart. If you are looking for a home repair company that will work with you to achieve your home repair needs, look no further.

What our customers say...

​I have been in the home repair business since 1976.  In my many years in the business, I have earned the trust of homeowners and restoration companies by providing superior quality service. Our services range from patching a hole in the wall to restoring a house damaged by fire or water. I will put you at ease while professionally taking care of making your home look great.

Sprengers strives to exceed your expectations with a fair and reasonable price. That is why homeowners and businesses have chosen Sprengers to help with their home repair, maintenance and improvement projects for over 40 years.​  I hope you will trust us with your business/home.

~ Larry Sprenger

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